What is an Ambulance Chaser?

You may have heard the term “ambulance chaser” in reference to some lawyers. An ambulance chaser describes an attorney who is committing barratry. Barratry is generally the illegal and unethical solicitation of clients. While it is not illegal or unethical for attorneys to advertise through […]

Appellate Lawyer of the Week: Houston Attorney Revives Legal Malpractice Case

By John Council August 01, 2018 at 04:24 PM Houston legal malpractice lawyer Lance Kassab says he’s a regular customer at Texas’ courts of appeal for one big reason: Trial court judges tend to toss his clients’ cases on summary judgment. “We do a lot of appeals because we […]

How to Win a Legal Malpractice Suit Against a Negligent Attorney

There are countless reasons you may need legal services in your lifetime. Whether you’re in a child custody dispute, trying to receive compensation after an accident or fighting against a criminal charge, you trust your lawyer with your financial and personal well-being. What happens, when […]