The Facts on Conflicts of Interest

If you have hired a lawyer, chances are that you have run into a difficult situation. Lawyers are your personal guides through the complex legal system, protecting you from incorrect application of the law and advocating for your legal rights. But what happens when your […]

The 5 Most Common Legal Malpractice Claims and Why They Happen

Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney causes harm to a client due to some sort of negligence, breach of duty, or breach of contract. In any legal matter, lawyers are expected to act and carry out their duties to a certain standard of care. If […]

What If Your Lawyer Causes You To Suffer Damages?

Lawyers are highly educated professionals that are expected to give clients competent legal services. In the event the lawyer fails to provide such services and as a result his or her client suffers damages, this is legal malpractice. The aggrieved client has the right to […]