Am I Entitled to a Refund of the Retainer I Paid to My Lawyer?

When you engage the services of a lawyer, you may pay a retainer fee, a common practice meant to secure the attorney’s availability. However, confusion and frustration can arise if you feel that the services provided did not meet your expectations or were incomplete. At […]

Legal Harm: Issues an Attorney can Cause

Most of us seek legal advice with the assumption that attorneys will always work in our best interests. We trust their education and knowledge, expecting the best possible outcome for our case. But what happens when an attorney breaches that trust? Unfortunately, even legal professionals […]

Substantive Law: The Building Blocks for Legal Malptactice

Have you ever received legal advice that turned out to be harmful to your interests? Perhaps you followed an attorney’s guidance only to lose a case, suffer financial damages, or even face criminal charges. If so, you may have grounds for a legal malpractice claim. […]