What Are the Legal Grounds for a Malpractice Suit?

Just like you can sue your doctor if they fail to do their duties competently, you can also sue your attorney for the same reason in Texas. Clients suing their attorneys have become routine but still complex. If you plan to sue your attorney, it […]

How Do I Prove Legal Malpractice in Texas?

As one of the top and only law firms specializing in legal malpractice in Texas, we receive numerous emails, calls, and website inquiries looking to file lawsuits against their attorneys. The high number of inquiries is no surprise, as suing a lawyer can be challenging. […]

Which Element of Malpractice Is Hardest to Prove?

Proving an element of legal malpractice can be challenging, and one of the most difficult areas to prove is an attorney’s failure to act in a case. This is because it requires substantial evidence to establish that the attorney acted negligently and did not fulfill […]