Why Is Board Certification So Important for Attorneys?


When you hire an attorney, the first step is knowing what type of attorney you need, such as family law, estate, malpractice, criminal, etc. The next thing you will want to know is if an attorney is “board certified.” If this is something that is important to you, it should be, as it ensures their ability to do their job in handling a particular kind of case.

Learn more about how a board-certified malpractice attorney in Houston can help you win your case. An attorney who has earned board certification will be better able to assist you with your legal malpractice case.

Why Does Board Certification Matter?

Board certification is a way of having an attorney’s skills evaluated. It is a valuable achievement that an attorney can use to prove that they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to adequately and effectively represent their clients.

Clients who want the best possible legal representation will look for attorneys who have earned board certification within their legal specialization. For many clients, board certification is like a badge of excellence that proves an attorney has the experience and credibility for a particular type of case they can rely on.

Understanding the Board Certification Process

In order to be board certified, an attorney must apply for certification and show proof that they have represented cases in their chosen legal specialization. They will also have to pass an examination that tests their knowledge and abilities within their specific legal field.

Once board certification is earned, it must be maintained. An attorney must attend a specific number of continuing education hours each year and submit certifications of completion or transcripts to the governing body.

Earning the distinction of being board certified is an achievement many attorneys fail to take full advantage of. Choose an attorney who has gone the extra mile and put their credentials on the line.

The National Board of Trial Advocacy

The National Board of Trial Advocacy works to ensure that customers always receive the best, most experienced legal representation possible. The NBTA is a non-profit organization that offers national certification to attorneys in many different areas of law.

Attorneys must pass through a strict process to become board certified. Each certification provides validation that the attorney meets or exceeds the standards of the National Board.

Earning and Maintaining Board Certification

A board certified attorney will have earned and will continue to maintain proper certification through a process that involves dealing with a board of legal specialization. Being board-certified means, you have provided the required criteria to the particular Board of Legal Certification.

There are certifications for many different types of specializations, including legal malpractice. In order to earn certification, an attorney must have tried a specific number of cases and completed hours of continuing education that allows them to pass a very strict examination.

Board Certifications do expire and must be maintained, which involves completing additional continuing education courses.

Board Certified Attorneys in Legal Malpractice

Attorneys at The Kassab Law Firm are board certified in the field of legal malpractice. A board certified attorney must work diligently to maintain their certification and provide the best possible legal representation to every client they serve in the Houston area.

When it comes to legal malpractice, clients have already lost a case at the hands of a lawyer who failed in the performance of their duties. If they are going to put their trust in another legal professional, the one they choose must be above reproach and be board certified. This will give them the reassurance they need to continue to fight for their rights.

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