What to Do if Your Lawyer Isn’t Communicating With You


What to Do if Your Lawyer Isn’t Communicating With You

After your accident, you decided to hire an attorney. Your initial consultation with the lawyer went well, and you believed that they were concerned about you. They agreed to take your case, and the two of you worked out a strategy. The lawyer explained that they would take a contingency fee that they would receive after your case settles or you win your case in court.  

After a couple of months passed, you still hadn’t heard from your lawyer. You decided to send a message to ask how your case is going, but you didn’t receive a response.  

Because your attorney didn’t respond to your email, you called the office. You left a message, but you haven’t heard from your attorney yet.  

You started to think that your lawyer is avoiding you.  

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct.  

The Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct state that a lawyer must communicate with his clients after any decisions have been made or any circumstances need their approval. They must also regularly contact their clients about the status of their cases. If their clients have questions, they must answer them promptly. They also need to let their clients know when they are unable to do things that the clients would like them to do. Lastly, a lawyer is required to explain matters so that the client can make informed decisions.  

Reasons a Lawyer Is not Communicating with You:  

No Deadlines Are Imminent. The Attorney Doesn’t Have Anything to Report.  

In a personal injury case, your attorney needs to meet several deadlines, but these can be months apart. The attorney spends the time between each deadline providing documents and answering interrogatories.  

The Attorney Has Other Cases that They Must Work On.  

Attorneys work on several cases at once. If a deadline is not close by, they will work on their cases that do have deadlines coming up. They will give more attention to your case when a deadline is near.  

The Lawyer Doesn’t Have Time to Have a Conversation When You Call.  

When your lawyer spends time talking to you, they are not spending time on the things that could be earning the office money. Your lawyer needs to run their office while they are attending to their cases.  

You Failed to Follow the Attorney’s Advice.  

If you didn’t follow your attorney’s advice and decided to do things in your own way, your attorney may stop offering you their advice. They will believe that it is a waste of time explaining things to you and will do what they need to do without consulting with you.  

The Attorney Isn’t Looking Forward to Giving Your Negative News.  

Your attorney may not be communicating with you at this time because they want to spend time rectifying an error before they have to admit it to you.  

How Malpractice Lawyers Houston Can Help.  

If you believe that your present attorney is avoiding you, ask them why they weren’t communicating with you in a certified letter. In the letter, let them know that you are willing to contact the state bar or find a legal malpractice attorney to help with the situation. You will definitely hear from your lawyer after they receive this letter.  

Most likely, all you will need to do to cause your attorney to be more communicative is tell them that you are looking for a malpractice attorney. Then, you can discuss how you and your attorney will communicate in the future. This is actually a great thing to do when you first consult with an attorney at a legal malpractice Texas.  Remember to always ask the lawyer you are hiring if they have malpractice insurance just in case something happens to your case, prior to hiring a lawyer.  Many lawyers, particularly solo practitioners do not have malpractice insurance, and thus, if the lawyer screws up you case, you may be left uncompensated for the lawyer’s mistakes.

If you can’t come to an agreement, pay your bills, take your file and start looking for a legal malpractice attorney. Remember that your case has a statute of limitations, so contact legal malpractice lawyer at the Kassab Law Firm today.