When Should I Sue My Attorney?

Are you frustrated with the work your attorney is doing? There are things you can do to try to correct the problem. However, if your situation meets the criteria for legal malpractice, you may decide to sue your attorney. Here are the steps you can […]

5 Ways Your Trial Lawyer May Have Breached Their Fiduciary Duty

When you hire an attorney, you rely on the promise that he is working hard to protect your best interests. This trust is critical to a successful attorney/client relationship, and the outcome of your case rests on the strength of that promise. Unfortunately, simple actions […]

The Facts on Conflicts of Interest

If you have hired a lawyer, chances are that you have run into a difficult situation. Lawyers are your personal guides through the complex legal system, protecting you from incorrect application of the law and advocating for your legal rights. But what happens when your […]