How to Be Compensated if Your Lawyer Commits Malpractice

Legal Malpractice

How to Be Compensated if Your Lawyer Commits Malpractice

When you hire a lawyer, you rely upon their expertise to ensure that your case is handled in an appropriate and professional manner. Sometimes lawyers fail to comply with their duties and cause a client damage. When a lawyer has failed to carry out their services in an appropriate manner, then it may give rise to a legal malpractice claim. The Houston malpractice lawyers at The Kassab Law Firm can help you pursue your legal remedies.

What is considered legal malpractice?

Lawyers are expected to comply with certain standards of care. This includes a requirement to diligently represent their clients and to keep clients informed. When a lawyer fails to comply with these standards of care, then it could result in a legal malpractice claim.

If you feel that a lawyer has committed malpractice, then you should consult with a legal malpractice law firm in Houston TX that can assess the situation and provide advice as to whether there is evidence of malpractice.

How are you compensated if a lawyer commits malpractice?

If malpractice has been committed which caused you damages, then you can pursue a claim against the lawyer who caused you damage. Most lawyers who are in firms with two or more attorneys have professional liability insurance that may pay damages sustained as a result of legal malpractice. However, unlike attorneys in Oregon and Idaho, lawyers practicing law in Texas are under no obligation to carry malpractice insurance. Therefore, solo practitioners often do not maintain malpractice insurance. Still, if the client is successful in a legal malpractice claim, the client may obtain a judgment against the lawyer who committed legal malpractice. If the lawyer has non-exempt assets, the client can collect on the judgment.  A legal malpractice law firm in Houston TX can help you determine how much to expect for your claim.

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Legal malpractice cases are unique and there are many lawyers who avoid these cases. At the Kassab Law Firm, we strive to hold our colleagues responsible for their errors and help our clients receive a fair resolution. Contact us to learn more.